On Sharon Jones

As many of you know, Sharon Jones passed away on Friday after a lengthy battle with cancer. She is another artist in a long line of musical standard bearers that have passed away this year. There’s something even more saddening about her passing than the world losing another amazing musician, however. Sharon Jones represented soMORE

Show Preview: November 10 at Martyrs’

It’s been way too long since we’ve had a club show, and there’s not many places we like to play more than Martyrs’. It’s a great room and a legendary music venue in Chicago. We’ll be on the stage next Thursday, November 10 with old friend Aryk Crowder (celebrating his EP release) and soon-to-be-friends WellMORE


We’ve been working our tails off for the past three months and a HUGE show and it’s just around the corner. It’s happening Saturday June 11 at the legendary Fitzgerald’s in Berwyn. After hearing the news in January that one of our idols, Otis Clay, passed away, the band decided to put on a tributeMORE

A few words to remember Otis Clay

We lost a true soul legend yesterday when Otis Clay passed. Otis wasn’t born in Chicago, but he made this city his home. Like the great Sam Cooke he grew up singing in the church, found success with a gospel group, and eventually crossed over to secular soul music. His records for One-derful! and HiMORE

Here we go

I love this feeling–the excitement and trepidation before recording a new album. It’s hard to believe that this is my fourth time down this road in the last 10 years. That should be some sort of measuring stick for success, right? Some artists wait twenty years before making their own record after all. This feelingMORE

TRN with Orgone & The O’My’s- 5/20 Show Preview

Tomorrow night is going to be one for the books. We’re incredibly excited to share the stage with two amazing bands at a really cool new venue (there’s a butcher shop there for crying out loud) in Chicago. Here’s the preview: ORGONE We’ve known these dudes and gal since they first rolled through Chicago inMORE

TRN returns to the Stage!

It’s been a long time coming. It’s time to dust off the mics, throw some new strings on the guitars, oil up the trumpets (uh, right?) and get on stage. TRN has been in woodshedding mode since Stef gave birth to her beautiful son Ryan in November. We’ve written a bunch of new material, solidifiedMORE

The Right Now joins with Shotwell Booking!

We’re proud and excited to announce that we’ve signed on with Shotwell Booking agency for our live shows. As we gear up for 2015 tour dates, Brandon Shotwell is going to be a big part of TRN’s team, and we look forward to working with him. Shotwell Booking has a stable of great artists, many fromMORE

2014 was a crazy-ass year.

The Right Now has a few traditions around this time of year: Brendan hosts a Christmas party, divided into the family/kid early portion, and the degenerate-musician portion, which usually gets going right when Brendan and his wife are ready to clean up and go to bed. Then the band sends our sax player Jim someMORE

Recollections from the Songs in the Key of Life Concert

I’m just sharing a few memories about Stevie Wonder’s Songs In The Key Of Life concert in Chicago on November 14, 2014. Not to torture any of you that weren’t there, but rather to help bring you into the experience more deeply. It was a moment in history – probably the only chance we’ll have to hearMORE

One Band’s Experience with Streaming and Spotify

I’m feeling compelled to write about streaming and Spotify since it’s been in the news so much lately. Ever since Taylor Swift pulled her catalogue from the popular streaming service, musicians, fans, and critics have been trashing Spotify for paying “unfair” royalties and “ripping off” musicians. I categorically disagree with these opinions. TRN’s experience withMORE

Benefit Concert for Public Education Tonight!

We’re very excited to be a part of Nettelpalooza: A Benefit Concert for Public Education. Brendan’s kids both attend The Nettelhorst School, an excellent elementary school in Chicago’s East Lakeview neighborhood. Chicago schools suffered drastic budget cuts in 2013 and are struggling. This isn’t about iPads for every kid or some fancy new facility–it’s aboutMORE

He Used To Be In Watch Dogs

We got some exciting news last week that our song “He Used To Be” was placed in Watch Dogs, an extremely popular video game that was just released. It’s the most heavily pre-ordered game of 2014 and Ubisoft (the company that produced it) expects to sell around 6 million copies. It’s an honor to beMORE

A little magic in the air

How quickly the time flies by. We released our last record in April 2012 – two years ago. The band has played a ton of gigs since then, and we’ve even set foot in a studio or two, and certainly a lot of songs have been written and demo’d. But recently, we’ve had some greatMORE

Show Preview: Off Broadway (STL) w/ Caroline Smith on 2/20

We’re very excited to get back to Saint Louis on February 20th–and even more pumped to play a show with the amazing Caroline Smith. Her new record Half About Being A Woman has been on repeat at my house for the past few months. It’s a tasteful blend of eloquent songwriting and 90s R&B jams.MORE

Get This Record Now: DeRobert & The Half-Truths “I’m Tryin'”

Damn. I’ve known the fellas in the Nashville based DeRobert & The Half-Truths for a few years now. Lead singer Dee Adams has one of those “shut the hell up” voices that stops you dead in your tracks, smacks you in the face, and puts a big ole smile on it. The live shows areMORE

New Year’s Eve 2013 w/ Bernie Worrell!

I’ll spare us all the year-end wrap-up blog post that seems to want to come out, and skip to the big deal: not only is The Right Now playing its first-ever New Year’s Eve show (that seems crazy!); not only is it a free show in our hometown; but we’ll be the opening act forMORE


We’re very excited to be on board for a mid-week Chicago show on Tuesday October 29th at the Burlington. The other acts–Clip Art and The Hudson Branch–are damn good and are going to make for an awesome night of music. Here’s a taste of what you can expect from The Hudson Branch. “You Don’t KnowMORE

Cover Up #6: “How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore” by Prince

Stefanie Berecz. We in the band call her Breezy sometimes, and here’s one reason why. She and I knocked out this burning Prince tune in the middle of our set at The Ritz Theatre in Tiffin, OH.  And uh….Tiffin U had some singers in the audience that night! Best spontaneous backups…maybe ever. This song comesMORE

Warm Up Wednesdays continue in March

We’ve had so much fun during our February residency at The Back Room that we decided to extend it through March! To celebrate another month at The Back Room we’re doing 1/2 off the cover charge the first week. Just reply “yes” to our Facebook invite here. We’d like to thank DJRC for holding it downMORE

“Call Girl” remixes are downloadable!

The vinyl has been out for a couple weeks, but now Deep & Disco has released the second round of “Call Girl” remixes as mp3s on all the popular music-downloading sites of the day. We’re hugely grateful to Jason Kriv, who we’ve worked with in various projects like Tortured Soul and Escort, for putting thisMORE

What I Learned from Watching the Grammys

Stef’s thoughts on the 2013 Grammy Awards: 1. While running in place and performing a song that references Forrest Gump make sure you have warmed up.  It could go terribly wrong. 2. When giving an acceptance speech always thank the swap meet! 3. Deep side parts on men aren’t so bad after all. 4. ButterfliesMORE

Cover Up #5: “Wrong Side Of A Love Song” by Melanie Fiona

We’re switching up the format this week a little bit. Instead of the normal behind-the-scenes video from our rehearsal space, we thought we’d take this one right to the stage and share it with you from there. From last night’s show at Martyrs in Chicago (thanks to a fantastic crowd, btw), here’s Melanie Fiona’s “WrongMORE

Call Girl Remixes Part 2

Deep&Disco is releasing part 2 of the “Call Girl” remixes on vinyl this coming Monday, 1/28. We really enjoyed Part 1 when it came out last June–the second half won’t dissapoint. The 12″ includes three remixes plus the original from Gets Over You. My personal fave is by UK’s Hot Toddy. Check it out: We’re alreadyMORE

2012: Wrapped Up!

Taking some time on this New Year’s eve to lay down a bit of what The Right Now did this year. We’ve been doing these year-end wrap ups since 2008 or so, and I’m thinking we can probably be more concise as the years go by. The first years consisted largely of “We played aMORE


What’s up with these amazing British soul singers? Someone add Daley to the list. “Alone Together” combines great production & stellar songwriting with a solid vocal performance–it’s contemporary R&B at its best. Dig it.


I shied away from Gary Clark Jr. initially. He seemed like another blase guitar hero heralded by Eric Clapton, Rolling Stone, etc, and that didn’t really interest me. Man was I wrong. I love his album Blak and Blu (especially the title track which is my song of the week pick). I don’t really know howMORE


Cody Chesnutt burst onto the national scene in 2002 when his song “The Seed” was remade for The Roots’ LP Phrenology. That was one of the feel good jams of that year and brought a lot of exposure to Cody’s The Headphone Masterpiece. He dropped off the radar in the last ten years, but he’sMORE

JKriv’s Song of the Week: Personal Touch’s “It Ain’t No Big Thing”

Ed. note: Jason Kriv (aka JKriv) brings you the post this week. His label Deep&Disco put out the “Call Girl” remixes. He also plays bass in Escort and will be performing with the disco group and TRN this Friday at The Metro. “Personal Touch – It Ain’t No Big Thing” 1976 – PAP Records Written/ProducedMORE

Cover Up #3: “Don’t Let Go” by En Vogue

Episode 3 of our Cover Up series pairs Stef and Brendan up with a three-chord burner from the 90s, En Vogue’s “Don’t Let Go.” And yes yes, a little help from the 808. Enjoy this cut from our rehearsal space in Chicago, and hit our Facebook page with requests for more Cover Up tunes!


Stef turned me on to Jessie Ware last week and I’m hooked. She’s a great pop singer with R&B influences galore. Here’s “Wildest Moments.” Catch Jessie Ware live at Lincoln Hall for the Tomorrow Never Knows Festival in January. – Brendan

Cover Up #2: “Gimme Shelter” by The Rolling Stones

Longtime band friend Mike Roeder pitched us “Gimme Shelter” for the Cover Up series. He really wanted us to take on Merry Clayton’s version (she’s the singer that provided the soulful backup vocals on The Rolling Stones’ original version). We took a few elements from Merry’s version and threw in some TRN flavor. Enjoy andMORE

Cover Up #1: “No One” by Alicia Keys

Is there a cover song you’ve always wanted to hear Stefanie sing? Hit us up (leave a comment or email us at info@therightnow.com) and we’ll feature it on our brand new blog series, Cover Up. Fans have been asking Stef to cover Alicia Keys for years, so we decided to start it out with “NoMORE


I heard about Akina Adderly from Roberta Moore Patterson, a friend of ours that has done some PR work for the band. Akina boasts a soulful voice and an musical family (as in Cannonball & Nat Adderly are her kin). Check out “Say Yes,” the title track from her new record due out November 6th.

Sage advice from cranky old Lefsetz

It’s been forever since we’ve done a blog post outside of “Song of the Week.” This isn’t really a post either, but I think it’s pretty important stuff. Entertainment lawyer Bob Lefsetz writes a daily email called The Lefsetz Letter that goes out to almost anyone who gives a shit about music business. He canMORE


Herb Kent did it again. The King of the Dusties played this week’s tune on v103 during our drive home from Saint Louis on Sunday. Greg and I heard “Back Together Again” last Sunday as well and marveled at the ridiculous bass playing (it’s Tinker Barfield for all you concerned music nerds). Roberta and Donny did thisMORE


There’s something comforting about driving back to Chicago on Sunday after being on the road on Saturday night. It’s a great feeling to get out of Indiana, head over that nameless bridge, and glimpse our magnificent skyline. Without fail our soundtrack is always set by the King of the Dusties, the Mayor of Bronzeville, HerbMORE


I first heard about How To Dress Well from a FB post by Tarik Moody over at Radio Milwaukee. My interest was piqued from Tarik’s description of The xx meets Mayer Hawthorne. “& It Was U” is heavy on the Prince and Robin Thicke vibe. Very cool, very soulful.


Funk is probably one of the most overused, and poorly applied, words in the music lexicon. So many bands have used it to describe their genre (and have done so inappropriately) that it’s become pretty watered down and lost its meaning. I mean country funk? Really? But then there’s Dumpstaphunk. Now THIS is a funkMORE


I can’t get Major Lazer out of my head recently. A collaboration between Diplo and Switch, Major Lazer is about the most fun I’ve had from the gentrification of dance hall reggae. This track is particularly interesting. A remix of Cajmere’s Chicago-house hit “Coffee Pot”, it flips the popping sample into some hip-rocking syncopation. TheMORE

TRN returns to Metro with Escort!

We are super excited to announce that we are opening for seventeen-member disco orchestra Escort at the Metro on November 9, 2012. Our last show at Metro was with Fitz & The Tantrums and fellow Chicagoans JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound in February 2011 and it was one for the books. Escort is oneMORE


  What song do you choose for the first post back after a little break? How about something tongue-in-cheek with a groove to it? I have a hard time not listening to this song on repeat some days. If we’d heard it back when Brendan was letting us abuse his Buick LeSabre, I can onlyMORE


Ooooh, a van jam. An especially tasty van jam at that. Several of us were introduced to The Stepkids when they opened for Dennis Coffey at Lincoln Hall last year. They’d just gotten signed to Stones Throw Records and they put on a hell of a show, including a digital video artist projecting straight ontoMORE

Call Girl Remixes are Out!

When we recorded Gets Over You in LA last summer, Sergio Rios was probably the first person to bring up the idea of remixing a tune. “Call Girl,” our first stab at disco, was an obvious choice. I reached to Jason Kriv, ex-Tortured Soul bassist and label head of Deep&Disco, and he agreed to putMORE

TRN Hits the Airwaves

We’ve been running a radio campaign since Gets Over You dropped in early April. It’s been a big success thanks to Dave Sanford and the folks over at SanfordCo & Distiller Promo. We rose to #102 on the CMJ charts and hung around in the top 200 for 7 straight weeks. Here’s a list of theMORE


It seems like Ms. Badu has had a rough week dealing with the fallout from Wayne Coyne’s new video. Being ever the epitome cool, she’s seemed to maintain well all throughout. Her grace and composure be as they may, let’s not forget how good she sounds.   -hats  

VIDEO DEBUT: “He Used To Be”

Yesterday our first music video was debuted on emusic.com‘s 17 Dots blog, and they had some nice things to say about the band. We’re thrilled to have this out there, so sit back and enjoy “He Used To Be.”   Hard work went into this project, most notably by Cameron Yergler who shot and directedMORE

Song of the week: Kirk Franklin’s “I Smile”

Anyone needing a dose of positivity is about to get steamrolled with it. And anyone rolling their eyes and thinking “ugh, never mind” definitely needs to watch this. The video just kills me – and if you want to skip the intro and get right to the song, it starts at the 1:50 mark.  IMORE


One of the earliest soul-jazz albums, Ray Charles and Milt Jackson’s 1957 Soul Brothers/Soul Meeting is dripping with blues. Bags takes a break on this track so a young Ray Charles (he hadn’t even recorded “Night Time Is the Right Time” yet) can step out and lead bassist Oscar Pettiford and drummer Connie Kay throughMORE

TRN as heard on 90210

Looks like our song “Nobody” is now featured in season 1, episode 1 of 90210. Though the episode originally aired in 2008 with a different song (by someone named Adele…anyone? Anyone?), they’ve switched our song in there for the syndicated version. You can watch it on netflix (“Nobody” shows up at about the 39:00 mark)MORE

Song of the week: DeRobert & The Half-Truths’ “Beg Me”

We’ve got less than a week until our big Chicago Release Party at Lincoln Hall on May 12. Part of the reason we are so excited for the show is that we’re bringing DeRobert & The Half-Truths up from Nashville. We’ve known Dee Adams (aka DeRobert) for several years. He’s been paired up with TheMORE

Live Session from KDHX

Saint Louis is one of the first cities TRN visited outside of Chicago and it has been a second home to us in many ways. A big reason for that is KDHX, the amazing community radio station in town. They’ve been amazing supporters of our band by spinning out records, spreading the word about shows,MORE


Even without a sky full of swollen, low hanging clouds today would have been mellow after we arrived in Chicago just before dawn. I like to use my first day home from the road to put things back in order, drink a little coffee, and absorb some mellow music. Syreeta’s “Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers”MORE

Lots of Love for Baltimore

It’s been a whirlwind of a tour. We’ve had great shows, hit some new markets (DC & Baltimore), and forged some amazing friendships. One of the most unexpected moments on tour came Thursday in Baltimore. We didn’t have any shows come through for Thursday so we did some last minute scrambling to land an in-studioMORE

Song of the week: Monophonics’ “Bang Bang”

We missed our usual Sunday post for song of the week. Hey, we’re on tour so things slip through the cracks. Our bad. This week it’s “Bang Bang” by Monophonics, a killer band from San Francisco. These guys have been performing for years and are generating a lot of buzz with their upcoming release onMORE

Van time

Our only day off on this tour is today. We’re spending our Earth Day in the van, heading back east to Williamsport PA and the lovely Bullfrog Brewery. We lucked out and got a van with a DVD player. So far it’s been Arrested Development all the way. Soooo good. Johnny Hats also led aMORE

Happy Record Store Day

Record Store Day 2012 is here! We’re delighted that our limited edition 7″ “He Used To Be” b/w “Good Man” is an official RSD selection and now available at stores all over the world. We’re in the van on our to Cincinnati right now for an appearance at Everybody’s Records and a show tonight atMORE

On the road again!

Man does it feel good to be back in the van. Everyone else is sleeping–our first show is in Pittsburgh so that meant an early call time and a long day of driving. I’m enjoying it though: Levon Helm’s Dirt Farmer is on the speakers as the never ending Ohio scenery rolls by. Our heartsMORE

Song of the Week: Norah Jones’ “Happy Pills”

Norah Jones started massaging our ears 10 years ago with Come Away With Me. Since then she’s gone in some cool directions with her music and hasn’t let the success of her first record box her in to a particular sound. Her new record …Little Broken Hearts drops May 1 and is streaming on NPRMORE

News Item: Gets Over You drops today!

For some, it’s been a long wait. For others, this is their first time hearing of us. For everyone, we hope the new album is a record you’ll enjoy for a long time. The vinyl version (180 gram) sounds fantastic. Vinyl junkies, heed the call! Today, The Right Now Gets Over You.  In a goodMORE

Song of the week: Allen Toussaint’s “Yes We Can Can”

I took a road trip with my fam last week and got to spend a few days in cities I love: Nashville, Memphis, and New Orleans. We were relying on Spotify for entertainment during the drive so I force fed the kids Stax/Volt, The Meters, and Allen Toussaint. Here’s one of my favorite Allen ToussaintMORE

Gets Over You is almost here! Roll call…

On April 10th, we unveil our second full-length album, Gets Over You. We recorded it in one inspired, exciting week with Sergio Rios of Orgone, in the August heat of Los Angeles. And now it’s just about time to let this cat out of the bag… But at the moment, it’s time for a littleMORE


It’s a poorly kept secret that our brothers and sisters in the U.K. are master practitioners of soul, R&B and dance music. There’s a certain identifiable feeling that runs through the music of folks like Sade, The Brand New Heavies, Amy Winehouse, Rod Temperton (who wrote many of MJ’s hits), and Duffy and it reallyMORE

Gets Over You Listening Party & Benefit!

We don’t get as many opportunities as we’d like to help out folks in need with our music, but next Thursday we get to do exactly that. Ari Guha (a friend of Brendan’s from college) is faced with Stage IV colon cancer and medical bankruptcy. His insurance company decided to stop paying the bills afterMORE

Allen Stone Visits Chicago

“My kinda soul is just a little bit greasy”  ~Allen Stone I wish I could say that I’ve been following this guy for years, but truth is I just got acquainted with Allen’s stuff a few months ago.  Even in that short amount of time, I’m seeing a ton of exciting things happening for thisMORE

March Madness in Chicago

This month is an absolute knock out for live shows in Chicago. Here’s a list of what we are checking out (and what we’ve already been to). Allen Stone at Lincoln Hall, March 5 Allen Stone brought his jaw-dropping vocals to the pristine Lincoln Hall in early March. Stef, Jonny Hats, and I all madeMORE

Stefanie’s Top 5 Releases for 2012

There is no question what release I’m most excited about for 2012, but here are a few others that I’m waiting for. Grace Potter and The Nocturnals The Lion The Beast The Beat  ~ June 8 2012 I got hip to this gal about two years ago when I started seeing her comic book sketches on greenroom walls at venues allMORE

Discount Lincoln Hall tickets + prize giveaway

The Right Now celebrates the release of their second album Gets Over You at Chicago’s Lincoln Hall on May 12! And we have a limited number of flat-rate $10 tickets available – no service fees. So we decided to have some fun with it — Each of  these 50 tickets will come with a freeMORE

Song of The Week: Minnie Riperton’s “Inside My Love”

I’m making a pick of the week by proxy for our beloved bassist Greg Nergaard. We did a lot of satellite radio listening on the long drive to Marquette this weekend (Soul Town rules!). Greg freaked out when Minnie Riperton’s “Inside My Love” came on, so this pick is for him. It’s from the excellentMORE

One on One: Getting back to Hall & Oates

One of my first musical memories is sitting in my kitchen and watching my parents dance and sing to Hall & Oates’ “Maneater.” I remember being fairly freaked out by the hook: “Woah here she comes/watch out boy, she’ll chew you up.” It made my 4 or 5-year-old self think of my mom playing cookieMORE

Song of the Week: Betty Wright’s “In The Middle Of The Game”

We’re starting up a new weekly post called Song Of The Week. The idea is to spread the word about music that we are digging that you might not know about. So…here’s Betty Wright’s “In The Middle Of The Game.” Man do I love this tune. It’s not surprising that the groove is irresistible–The RootsMORE

Heartbreak and Songwriting

It was easy to get wrapped up in Adele’s latest record, 21. Chris emailed me the video for “Rolling In The Deep” the day that it hit the internet and I was hooked. Somehow her first record didn’t do it for me. But this song was different: the attitude, the KILLER chorus, the thumping beat. She’dMORE


For the first time in years I actually tuned in and caught some of the Grammy Awards this year. That might make me an exception in TRN–Stef and Chris eagerly await the performances each year by their pop idols. So what made this year different for me? It feels like the Academy is finally startingMORE

Welcome to our new site!

So this is the new therightnow.com! It’s all centered around the release of our new record, Gets Over You. Recorded in LA last summer with Sergio Rios (Orgone), the new LP comes out April 10, 2012 on all the usual formats (cd, vinyl, & digital). We’re damn proud of the record and can’t wait forMORE