Call Girl Remixes are Out!

When we recorded Gets Over You in LA last summer, Sergio Rios was probably the first person to bring up the idea of remixing a tune. “Call Girl,” our first stab at disco, was an obvious choice. I reached to Jason Kriv, ex-Tortured Soul bassist and label head of Deep&Disco, and he agreed to putMORE

TRN Hits the Airwaves

We’ve been running a radio campaign since Gets Over You dropped in early April. It’s been a big success thanks to Dave Sanford and the folks over at SanfordCo & Distiller Promo. We rose to #102 on the CMJ charts and hung around in the top 200 for 7 straight weeks. Here’s a list of theMORE


It seems like Ms. Badu has had a rough week dealing with the fallout from Wayne Coyne’s new video. Being ever the epitome cool, she’s seemed to maintain well all throughout. Her grace and composure be as they may, let’s not forget how good she sounds.   -hats  

VIDEO DEBUT: “He Used To Be”

Yesterday our first music video was debuted on‘s 17 Dots blog, and they had some nice things to say about the band. We’re thrilled to have this out there, so sit back and enjoy “He Used To Be.”   Hard work went into this project, most notably by Cameron Yergler who shot and directedMORE

Song of the week: Kirk Franklin’s “I Smile”

Anyone needing a dose of positivity is about to get steamrolled with it. And anyone rolling their eyes and thinking “ugh, never mind” definitely needs to watch this. The video just kills me – and if you want to skip the intro and get right to the song, it starts at the 1:50 mark.  IMORE


One of the earliest soul-jazz albums, Ray Charles and Milt Jackson’s 1957 Soul Brothers/Soul Meeting is dripping with blues. Bags takes a break on this track so a young Ray Charles (he hadn’t even recorded “Night Time Is the Right Time” yet) can step out and lead bassist Oscar Pettiford and drummer Connie Kay throughMORE

TRN as heard on 90210

Looks like our song “Nobody” is now featured in season 1, episode 1 of 90210. Though the episode originally aired in 2008 with a different song (by someone named Adele…anyone? Anyone?), they’ve switched our song in there for the syndicated version. You can watch it on netflix (“Nobody” shows up at about the 39:00 mark)MORE

Song of the week: DeRobert & The Half-Truths’ “Beg Me”

We’ve got less than a week until our big Chicago Release Party at Lincoln Hall on May 12. Part of the reason we are so excited for the show is that we’re bringing DeRobert & The Half-Truths up from Nashville. We’ve known Dee Adams (aka DeRobert) for several years. He’s been paired up with TheMORE

Live Session from KDHX

Saint Louis is one of the first cities TRN visited outside of Chicago and it has been a second home to us in many ways. A big reason for that is KDHX, the amazing community radio station in town. They’ve been amazing supporters of our band by spinning out records, spreading the word about shows,MORE